Why Am I Sick?

Why Am I Sick?

A great question which many people ask and few find the answer to. “A punishment from God” or more often in the U.K., “Just one of those things” is often the answer from the “experts”. Neither one is accurate nor particularly helpful. Look at any medical dictionary and for 99 per cent of diseases listed, the cause is not known.

If we don’t know why we have dis-ease, how on earth do we even begin to work out how to heal? I posed that question in my article “Has Your Body Made a Mistake?”

I read the original edition of “Why Am I Sick? What’s really wrong and how you can solve it” back in 2010 and have referred to it ever since. I never read a book so packed with information!

Richard Flook explains how disease really works, revealing how the body has not, in fact, made a mistake, but that there are different types of stressful experiences that can cause specific diseases to occur. He tackles the challenging questions of why cancers develop, how chronic diseases are caused, how allergies start, why our beliefs about bacteria and viruses are flawed, and how our present way of treating disease is in desperate need of updating. This ground-breaking book will challenge your present belief system about disease, and at the same time empower you by finally answering the question: ‘Why am I sick?’, to put you back in control of your health!

If you are looking for answers either for your clients or yourself I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

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Why Am I Sick - Richard Flook

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