Struck By Crippling Back Pain Alone In The African Bush! [Video]

Struck By Crippling Back Pain Alone In The African Bush! [Video]

A Courageous Journey Through Back Pain Travelling Alone in the African Bush! [Video]

While Leslie was travelling, alone in Africa, her lower back went in to spasm leaving her immobilised and very frightened.

affirmations for back pain

With no way to access her usual medical resources she visited energy healers, rested, prayed and did her own brand of energy work (MAP, Reiki and Visualizations).

Nothing she tried made any difference and as her pain worsened she became desperate.

Having previously come across my What Your Body Wants To Hear – Healing For Your Back  guided meditations, Leslie decided to give them a try. Listen as Leslie describes how her pain reduced, her mobility increased and her sense of desperation disappeared as she listened.

Leslie’s Story In Her Own Words, Amazing Energy and Courage


Felt about 60-70 percent better!! My goodness!  I must say I have experienced great improvement already from your wonderful recordings!  Your voice is so soothing, as is the music, and each time, I definitely reach what I call “zero point”== a VERY relaxed and deeply rejuvenating place!  And I am happy to report that every time I get up afterward, there is definite improvement in the pain and stiffness in my back!!  I must say that I was at quite a low point last night, after two weeks of attempting to help myself feel better, seeing energy healers here in Hout Bay, South Africa, and resting and praying, and doing my own brand of energy work (MAP, Reiki, visualizations), and STILL in pain — actually it had gotten much worse again.  It was SUCH a gift to get the recordings and be able to listen to them last night (and twice today)!  Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend, you know?

I slept so well, and this morning, I felt about 60-70 percent better!!  I am also impressed with your deep insight into what can be held in our back– so many of the statements resonated so strongly with me!  I could feel my root chakra opening and the energy moving powerfully as I released those many, many emotions and beliefs– and I will continue to do so.
Well, thank you again for all you BE and all you share!  Please feel free to use any or all of the above in a testimonial in any way you choose!
Much gratitude and love,
Hello Barbara,


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Why Pain, Illness or Injury Strike at Exactly the “Wrong” Moment!

Why Pain, Illness or Injury Strike at Exactly the “Wrong” Moment!

Why Pain, Illness or Injury Strike at Exactly the “Wrong” Moment!

Why Pain, Illness or Injury Strike at Exactly the "Wrong" Moment!

We’ve all been there, you’ve just landed your perfect job, perfect client, perfect romance or are about to take the trip of a life time and wham! You are knocked out by illness, chronic pain or have an “accident”! You are just about to make an important presentation or celebrate a long planned anniversary, you’re about about to help your kids move into their first home and your back goes out.

Why do these things come about at precisely the “wrong” time?

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You are about to take the trip of a lifetime and are hit with a tummy bug.

You have a great career opportunity and break or sprain your ankle.

When these things happen we often curse our fate, complain about our luck or grumble about our bodies.

Are we cursed or doomed or dysfunctional in some way? Are we deliberately sabotaging ourselves or is something much deeper and wiser going on?

Those of you who know me, know how passionate I am about teaching your body is not your enemy! But if you don’t understand why these things happen or what messages they have for you, you could easily believe your body IS your enemy.

Time and time again I hear stories of this kind of thing happening and without exception, when I look at the circumstances, I can see the underlying message.

Three friends of mine broke or sprained their ankles when they had either moved to a new school and felt frightened and out of their depth. Or faced a huge change in the direction their lives were taking. I wrote in depth about ankle injuries in my article Why People Break, Sprain and Otherwise Damage Their Ankles.

Lower back pain is another great one! Job insecurity, birthdays, retirement or even children leaving home can trigger this because these occasions confront us with our own mortality. They can bring up deep layers of fear and insecurity about what lies ahead or about our standing in life. You can learn more about lower back pain in my article Healing For Your Lower Back

What’s the best thing to do when you are faced with illness, injury or accident at precisely the “wrong” moment?

The first thing to realise is that it struck at exactly the RIGHT moment! It struck to let you know that some part of you is feeling scared, is out of its comfort zone or is being reminded of a previous time it felt that way.

So often when we are making big changes in our lives, our bodies step in to tell us that an unresolved emotional issue has been triggered. Your body is actually doing you a favour! The illness or accident can give you some time to stop and think, to do the emotional work that needs to be done and to allow the rest of you to catch up with the new direction or life challenge you are facing.

How To Speed Up Your Recovery

Why Pain, Illness or Injury Strike at Exactly the "Wrong" Moment! Look after yourself.

Nurture Yourself! Be kind to yourself! The best way to speed up your recovery is to thank your body. Don’t try to fight or resist the pain. Deliberately and consciously go into the pain, let it know you are listening to it and are open to hearing what has come to teach you.

Try to see the bigger picture, yes you may have been inconvenienced by it. But it provides you with a great opportunity to know yourself better, perhaps to rest and reassess your situation and to learn and grow. Your body has great wisdom, it’s much better and less painful to go with it, love and learn from it than to fight and struggle with it.

With love to all our amazing bodies,


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Supporting Your Spine So It Can Support You

Supporting Your Spine So It Can Support You

Supporting Your Spine So It Can Support You

Man bent over with back painMany years ago when I was a child, my father, who was a hydraulic engineer, developed a slipped disc and as was prescribed by the medical profession of the day, was confined to his bed for months. Lying on a hard surface, day after day with only our collie dog for company, was not only painful but demoralising for a man who took pride in his career as well as his role as a provider for his family.

Each day after school I would take over his care, crouching at the end of his bed and pulling on his ankles in an attempt to relieve some of his suffering. What help I could provide, I will never know but perhaps in this small way, he felt connected again to life outside his bedroom.

As I look back now, I remember snippets of information that give me a new perspective about the stress and pressure my father was under leading up to this time. Of course I can’t be sure of all the details but I do have a strong memory of my Dad complaining strongly about his bully of a boss. For political reasons, this man undermined my father at every turn, overlooked him for a well deserved promotion and increased his work load at every turn.

I remember at one time he gained a German client and he was expected to learn a new language in a very short time. Between last minute trips to Germany, Switzerland and Aberdeen, from oil rigs to nuclear submarines, his life was hectic and constantly disrupted due to work pressures. At times he lived away from home during the week, returning briefly at the weekend to see his family. I truly feel he believed he as powerless to change his situation and that the weight of responsibility was overwhelming.

Woman holding her back

Now that I understand the link between overload and back pain, it really is no wonder that he developed a slipped disc. Certainly if I knew then what I know now, I could have done a lot more to relieve his suffering. As a result of watching my Dad suffer I now dedicate my life to helping other people not only relieve painful symptoms but also to understand the link between our emotions and our body.

   “Health is an announcement of agreement between your body, mind and spirit. Honour your body, keep it in good shape. When you are not healthy, look to see which parts of you disagree. Your body will demonstrate the truth to you. Notice what it is showing you, listen to what it is saying”. – Neale Donald Walsh

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In a world where so many of us are overwhelmed by work responsibilities, financial pressures and the need to be all things to all people, it is unsurprising that statistics report that approximately 13% of adults in the United States and 8% of adults in the United Kingdom visit their doctor with complaints of lower back and neck pain.

Man holding his sore neckAnd in fact, up to 49% of people diagnosed with chronic pain need time off work to recuperate and often require specialist treatment which costs the economy billions in health care. Many of these people lose their jobs or are forced to change career path as they can no longer cope with their daily activities. The stress and financial difficulty that often accompanies back pain can lead to relationship breakups and the loss of home.

The discs in our spine are protective, shock-absorbing pads between the bones of our vertebrae. Whilst you cannot actually ‘slip a disc’, an injury can occur that may cause the disc to bulge, split or rupture. In the same way that a tire can go flat and put extreme pressure on the rim of the wheel, the leakage of protective gel from a collapsed disc puts pressure on the spinal cord or on the adjacent nerves causing localised pain, weakness and numbness and spreading to other parts of the body which are supplied by the affected nerve.

In the diagram below, you can clearly see the emotions which are linked to the various parts of your spine.

Back pain diagram

As herniated or slipped discs are most common in the lower back, it is easy to see the connection between financial worries, fear of the future, issues in our relationships, too much responsibility and the often stressful life we lead.

Whilst not all pain in the back or neck is caused by disc damage, pain and loss of mobility occur in almost every instance. When we feel unsupported, unloved or carry too many burdens, it is our upper back that often crumbles under the pressure.

Our neck is often affected by indecision, inflexibility, helplessness, an inability to express your feelings and that someone is a ‘pain in the neck’.

And the middle of our back is impacted by feelings of guilt, anger, worry and feeling trapped in a situation we want to ‘back’ out of.

As a child, I didn’t realise how frightening my father’s injury must have been for my parents. Whilst my mother was a full-time teacher, the pressure of a mortgage, school fees for myself and my sister as well as the day to day expenses of running a household must have appeared daunting to say the least. Everything they had worked so hard for would have been devastated if my father had lost his job. Needless to say, as financial pressure mounted, its amazing that my father managed to heal at all. It took a long time but these days we have so much more understanding of the link between stress and illness that we can heal ourselves much more quickly.

My What Your Body Wants To Hear healing guided meditations for Total Spinal Support target the various emotions which impact each area of the neck and back. Not only will you experience a relief of symptoms but you will also feel lighter mentally and emotionally. By addressing the underlying emotional issues I often witness what until now, would have been called healing miracles. By dealing with painful emotions, we get out of our body’s way to heal itself.

Pregnant woman holding her painful back

I often look back to when my father was so incapacitated and wish I had known then what I know now; that our emotions have such a huge influence on the health of our bodies. Stress, worry, excess responsibility and a need to hold everything together can be catastrophic for the health of our spine. Knowing that the spine is what holds us together, you can perhaps understand that as we struggle with feelings of overwhelm, so does our spine.

Here are just a few words from others who have benefited from using my What Your Body Wants To Hear Total Spinal Support healing meditations.

Leslie, Kathy and Steve Tell Their Stories of Relief From Back Pain in their own words.

It was SUCH a gift to get the recordings and be able to listen to them last night. Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend, you know? I slept so well, and this morning, I felt about 60-70 percent better. I am impressed with your deep insight into what can be held in our backso many of the statements resonated so strongly with me.”


“I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free”.

Steven Wentworth

After suffering from upper back pain for the last 4 weeks I purchased the Full Spine set of recordings. After listening to the Upper Back recording my back pain is gone, would recommend this set to anyone suffering from back problems. Thanks to Barbara and all her hard work in putting these recordings together, I would say well worth the effort!”


My mid back has been bothering me for three days. I finally realised that I had the solution right here on my computer. Put on the Mid Back MP3 and when it was overno more pain. Seriously! Thank you so much, Barbara. These are powerful and empowering meditations.”







Many people have asked why the What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are so powerfully effective. To be honest I didn’t really know but I think I am beginning to understand and science is starting to explain it.

Everywhere I look at the moment people are exploring the science of dis-ease, healing from the inside and the amazing power of thought. In all of this new information there are aspects which are included in the W.Y.B.W.H. meditations.  For example, Lynne McTaggart says that in her intention experiments they found that being specific produced the greatest effects. Our meditations address the emotional energy held in individual areas of the body. It doesn’t get much more specific than “I release any instability I have stored in my ankles!”, ” I release any stubbornness or rigid thinking patterns I have stored in my head!”, “I release any sense of loss I have stored in my heart!”, “I release any financial concerns, I have stored in my lower back!” etc.

Lynne also teaches that emotions occur in every cell and that thoughts are the body’s most powerful instruction. Change the thoughts i.e. the instructions and you change your body. She goes as far as to say “Thought is the best medicine, the most powerful drug there is”.

Gregg Braden says, “The average person generates 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. Change your negative thoughts to  positive ones and you”ll have a happier, healthier life”.

The wonderful Bruce Lipton teaches that the new science of Epigenetics proves that our environmental perceptions have more effect on our cells than chemicals. This is great and empowering news because we can change our perceptions and thus change our health!

Much as I wrote in my article There Is No Mine or Yours, There is Only Ours the same message or a very similar one is being brought through by many teachers, each with their own unique expression and vibration. Each attracting people who resonate with their particular energy and their interpretation of the message.

When I started this work I was familiar with some of these teachers but had not studied their work in any detail. I was inspired by the vision of trillions of tiny cells breathing a sigh of relief when the negative messages stopped bombarding them. I brought through the same message along with a simple yet powerfully effective practical tool people can use to change their thoughts, emotions and state of health.  I have written before that this work feels as though it flows through me and sometimes almost writes itself. I see this as evidence that we are all connected. Now is the time for this knowledge to be shared and used in a practical way to empower people and help them change their perspectives and thus their health.

In the video below, Dr Joe Dispenza discusses why people become food intolerant, the powerful effect stress has on us, the power of thought and the benefits of meditation.  As he says, we can make thoughts more real than anything else. So powerful that we can turn on our flight or fight response through thought alone!

With love, wonderment and gratitude,











Dear All,

I have decided to make all the transcripts to my guided meditations freely available. Many of them are already available on my website, just follow the links below. I intend to publish them all when time permits and hope they will be useful tools for tapping sessions or simply to read through as a reminder to send love and gratitude to your body.

I have completed the Grief & Trauma research and script and just have to get some quiet time to record it.

rasteriskThe Grief & Trauma guided healing meditation is now available. You can find it here

I have also started a new “What Your Body Wants To Hear” series for serious dis-eases. I am half way through a script for Rheumatoid Arthritis which will be followed by a guided meditation to help people cope with Fibromyalgia. Please get in touch if you have ideas or suggestions for other dis-eases you would like to see covered in this new series.

I also plan to launch a new service, personalised guided meditations tailored for your specific needs. This package will include two private consultations over Skype. I am really looking forward to launching this and working one to one with people again.

The app is doing well. It is so exciting to see it being downloaded all around the world. If you have downloaded it and enjoyed it, we would be really grateful if you could pop a review on the Apple Store or Google Play. If you haven’t got our free Relaxation & Well-being meditation yet, you can download it here

As always, I thank you all for your love and support and for helping me get this work out to the world.



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