You Thought Stress Was Making You Sick & You Were Right!

You Thought Stress Was Making You Sick & You Were Right!

If You Thought Stress Was Making You Sick – You Were Right!


Leading experts such as Dr Candace Pert, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Gabor Maté, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Lissa Rankin, Lynne McTaggart and many others around the world now agree how seriously stress and negative emotions impact our bodies.

Hating your job, being in a bad relationship, worrying about money, falling out with family or friends, spreading yourself too thin or giving yourself impossible social or work pressure and deadlines all contribute to your stress levels. While none of this is usually life-threatening, our amygdalas and our bodies don’t know that. They don’t know the difference between perceived or imagined threat and the real thing. So our biology prepares to fight, flee or freeze anyway!

Scientific research is uncovering the biological and chemical path stress takes to manifest as physical illness. Stress knocks our bodies off balance and triggers a cascade of stress hormones which influence your body via the autonomic nervous system. When our bodies are in flight, fight or freeze mode they have less energy available to maintain our immune systems and to heal and repair. It stands to reason then that chronic stress can easily lead to poor health and illness. 



Practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique and meditation help us reach the deeper place within ourselves. The place which lies beyond the stress responses of fight, flight or freeze. The place in which we can re-connect with our true selves and our bodies, soothe our minds and heal our bodies.

If you love EFT tapping you’ll love our What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations. Based on EFT principles What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations (which are great to tap along with) help you release painful, negative emotions and help/ allow your body to heal naturally. These meditations guide you gently through releasing the painful emotional issues generally known to be held in specific parts of the body. Helping you to focus on the area of your body that is crying out for you attention by the very fact that it is manifesting pain. As you lovingly release these emotions, open yourself to a new appreciation for your body and the possibility of a more positive, less painful future you are then led into powerful, positive affirmations for the state of health and wellness you want to create and experience.

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