5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

Affirmations For Christmas

As 2022 draws to an end, Christmas and other mid-winter celebrations come into view. There is much to ponder. 

Given the relentless onslaught of the last two years, many of us crawled into 2022 carrying shock, trauma, grief, heaviness and disbelief. Whether we have consciously processed it or not, 2022 has been another year of more pressure, more stress, more physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. 

Some of us may be facing the first Christmas without a loved one.. Others will be welcoming their first Christmas as new parents or newly weds. 

Regardless of the specifics, this is a season of contrasts. A season of great joy and of utter desolation. 

Surprisingly, whether you are lost in bustle and excitement or desolation and dread, there is a “one size fits all”, appropriate sentiment – compassion. 

Firstly, compassion for yourself. No matter your circumstances, every human being deserves the healing salve of kindness. 

Take a breath, turn inwards. Remind yourself who you are, what you have endured and what you have overcome! 


                    5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas  

                     I create a breathing space for myself! **

                     Despite it all, I’m still standing.

                     I am worthy of loving compassion

                    I think and speak kindly to & about myself.

                    I deserve love and understanding.


And, because I know you deserve to give yourself a few more seconds of care and compassion.

Ten more….  

I look after myself!**

I can do it!**

I choose to have faith in myself.

I am released from the constriction of any responsibilities that are not mine! *

I have a beautiful, strong connection with the love within me! *

I am understanding and compassionate to myself and others. 

It is safe to let go of everything that no longer serves me!**

I choose ease!** 

I choose healing!**

                     I choose peace!**                       


I am so grateful to one of my loving subscribers who reminded me recently that even in the darkest night, we are not alone.

I wish you a peaceful, loving and compassionate Christmas.



* From our Affirmations To Heal Your Heart meditation.

** From our Healing Affirmations For Grief & Loss meditation.

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