10 Metaphysical Aspects of Hip Pain

10 Metaphysical Aspects of Hip Pain

Metaphysical Aspects Of Hip Pain

Hip pain/stiffness is a physical representation of deep, primal fear. 

If you suffer from hip pain you know what a grind it can be. Grinding pain or stiffness curtails mobility and prevents you doing the things you love. Whilst you might not want to do headstands, you want to be able to move forward, both metaphorically and physically, in a pain free, confident way. To do that, you first have to understand what is causing your body to respond the way it is.

Life has always been an uncertain business. The rapid changes of recent years would be incomprehensible to previous generations. Unfortunately, however much we consciously embrace change, emotional responses and biology simply don’t evolve that fast! Consequently, we shouldn’t be surprised when our bodies react in what, to our conscious mind, seem like odd, sometimes painful and usually inconvenient ways.

Our bodies show us our inner emotional landscape the only way they can, by manifesting a physical representation of that inner dis-ease. The area affected, correlates with the area of your life about which you are concerned. In the case of your hips, it all revolves around  fear and uncertainty. Safety and security are vital, deep, primal survival instincts. When we worry about them, we can literally worry ourselves to a stand still. Our hip and pelvic area seize up making movement hard or impossible.



Fear of making major decisions.

  Lack of physical and emotional support.

 Not wanting to accept present experiences.

 Fear of going forward.

 Worry about major decisions.

 Belief that we have nothing good to look forward to.

 Fear of where we are going.

 Fear of change.

Inability to let go of the past.

 Feeling unable to stand on our own.


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