The First Time I Read Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” I didn’t Like It!

The First Time I Read Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” I didn’t Like It!

The first time I read Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” I didn’t like it!

I disliked it intensely and quite vociferously for many years.

How could I dislike something which later became one of the cornerstones of my ownWhat Your Body Wants To Hear” work?  Those of you who have followed my work or heard my interview “Your Body Is Not Your Enemy” on Soul Searching Radio know that I greatly value this hugely famous best seller nowadays. Many of my fellow therapists and friends refer to it as “the bible” and all my healing meditations are based on the theories found in it.

Let me explain my turnaround.

When I first read “You Can Heal Your Life” I was already working as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. That led me to look for and clear the emotional traumas which always underlie a physical or emotional symptom or psychological block.  We worked with the subconscious mind and the energy system to clear these completely and only then introduced positive statements or affirmations.

Many of the people who come to E.F.T. practitioners are already beaten down by feelings of failure. Some have even been abandoned by conventional medicine and come to us a last resort. So when I saw a book which told people to repeat a positive statement over and over and over and expect to get results without first addressing the underlying emotional causes of their problem, I saw it as an opportunity for these vulnerable people to fail yet again. That was why I disliked it!

However, the theory and probable emotional cause of physical symptoms listed in “You Can Heal Your Life” has always been spot on!  I have never had a symptom or known anyone else to have a symptom for which the emotional explanation in that book has been incorrect. Never! Not once!  I even had a friend who worked as a nurse in numerous hospitals who said the same. She’d never come across a patient who, upon getting to know them better, was not exhibiting symptoms which correlated perfectly with their emotional state. Never! Not once!

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The main cause of my dislike for this book was the frustration of knowing that if it was combined with E.F.T. tapping or some other Meridian Energy Therapy it would be pure gold. And it is!  I was delighted when Louise discovered and championed E.F.T. She too recognised the amazing healing power of putting her theory and E.F.T together.

My own “What Your Body Wants To Hear” series of healing meditations uses releasing statements, empowering questions then positive affirmations in sequence. Like “You Can Heal Your Life” it  is made even more powerful by tapping along to the audios or scripts.

If you are new to the idea that your emotions create your physical pain it can feel very strange at first.  Many people struggle against the idea that they have created their pain and that they can heal it. It can be a tough and sometimes lonely journey until you find your tribe. In the meantime “You Can Heal Your Life” can bring you a great deal of clarity, hope and support.  It’s still sitting by my side all these years later.

With Love,



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Affirmations To Ease The Emotional Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Affirmations To Ease The Emotional Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Affirmations To Ease The Emotional Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Affirmations To Ease The Emotional Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune dis♥ease where our immune system attacks the membranes of our joints. Movement becomes limited and joints become rigid and painful. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a condition of conflict.

Some of the emotions implicated in Rheumatoid Arthritis are:- Inner rigidity, overly self disciplined, self critical, giving to others but not to self, repressed anger, judgemental, low self esteem, negative or critical, stuck, lack of assertiveness, resentful, bitter, attacking self, lost self, don’t recognise self, something in self you don’t want to see or recognise. Feeling inhibited, unable to act the way you really want to. Destroying yourself with guilt or shame.

Undermining self, criticism, lack of self respect, want to hit out. inhibiting the desire to hit out, Stuck, lifeless, lost sense of purpose, self dislike eating away at us, no point in doing anything. No longer able to do what we did before. No longer active, Can’t/don’t know how/haven’t found a way to be softer, gentler and more appreciative of self. Attacking self, confusion, Don’t recognise self.

Life doesn’t really matter/no longer matters. Guilt, shame, blame, lack of self esteem/respect. Dislike or hatred of self. Refusing to accept help from self or others. Negating our own inner beauty. Undermining love of life. Overly critical, putting self down, disappointed in self or someone else wearing away at you eroding your sense of self worth. Refusal to change, fear of the future, not feeling safe, feeling totally alone, desolation, despair, hopelessness. Trying to prove yourself, Low self worth, Lost the will to live, Crying on the inside, Given up, deep seated grief, Hopeless “it’s no use”.

This meditation is not yet available in audio format but many of the emotional aspects are covered in my other meditations.

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Affirmations To Ease The Emotional Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis


With every breath I take, I am sending, love, gratitude and healing to my mind and body! Yes, yes, yes…

Releasing the Negative Emotions

I release any beliefs or energies which lend weight or give power to the label of this dis♥ease! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I release any way I am holding on to this label! Yes, yes, yes…

I release any ways I benefit from holding on to this label! Yes, yes, yes.

I release any and all ways I am holding on to this dis♥ease!

I release any and all ways my body is holding on to this dis♥ease!

I release any ways any part of me benefits from holding on to this dis♥ease!

I release any and all fear I am holding in my mind and body!

I release resistance!

I release anger!

I release irritation!

I release all feelings of desolation or helplessness!

I release the trauma of any shocks I have suffered!

I release all the ways I am trying to protect myself!

I release rigidity from my mind and body!

I release any and all self criticism!

I release any and all fear of what my future holds?

I clear any emotions which have me hot and fired up inside!

I clear all the ways I feel sore and inflamed!

I clear all the ways I am inflexible!

I clear all the ways I am trying to defend myself!

I release resentment!

I release bitterness!

I release all the ways I feel restricted and inhibited!

I release guilt!

I release shame!

I release blame!

I clear all the ways I feel stuck and lifeless!

I clear all the ways I dislike myself!

I release disappointment!

I clear all the ways I undermine myself!

I clear all the ways I put myself down!

I clear all the ways I feel alone and isolated!

I clear all the ways I judge myself!

I clear all the ways parts of me don’t recognise myself!

I clear all the ways I no longer recognise myself!

I clear all the ways parts of me want to hit out but turn inward instead!

I clear all the ways my body is holding on to all this emotion!

I clear all the ways I have lost my sense of purpose!

I clear all the ways these emotions are eating away at me!

I clear all the ways I feel I don’t deserve!

I clear all the ways I attack myself!

I clear all the ways I restrict myself!

I clear all the ways I am so tired of trying to prove myself!

I clear all the ways I don’t believe in myself!

I recognise, accept and clear all the ways I am crying on the inside!

I clear any and all self hatred!

I clear and release any and all ways I focus on dis-ease rather than wellness!

I clear and release anyway any parts of me benefit from holding on to this dis-ease!

I clear and completely release any and all ways in which I attack myself. I now recognise myself and realise that all parts of me are doing the very best they can!

Afformations To Prepare Your Subconscious Mind To Accept & Receive Positive Affirmations

Why am I open to the idea that I might be able to release my attachment to this dis-ease?

Why am I open to the idea that I might be able to make peace with my body?

Why can I accept that it might be safe to let go just a little bit?

Why is it possible that I could learn to love myself?

Why am I open to peace?

Why do I feel safe?

Why am I reassured?

Why am I open to the possibility of healing?

Why am I open to the possibility that my future might be bright?

Why is it possible I might be able to loosen up?

Why is it possible I might be able to loosen my joints?

Why am I open to flexibility?

Why can I accept?

Why am I open to hope, trust and faith?

Why might I be able to feel safe and secure?

Why do I open my mind and heart to the possibility of healing?

Why can I allow myself to begin to soften?

Why am I loved and supported?

Why can I choose peace?

Why do I accept myself?

Why am I able to feel peace and forgiveness?

Why do I allow feelings of love to flow through my mind and body?

Why can I give myself a break, release the pressure and relax?

Why do I feel so peaceful now?

Why can I allow life and love to flow through my body now?

Why am I at peace with myself now?

Why do I feel content?

Why do I support myself?

Why do I love and accept myself?

Why do I feel calm and peaceful now?

Why do I feel safe now?

Why do I know I am loved and supported?

Why do I accept myself exactly as I am?

Powerful, Positive, Healing Affirmations

I am peaceful!

I am safe!

I look after myself!

I release all those restrictive emotions!

I choose to be at peace with myself!

I choose to be at peace with others!

I choose ease!

I allow love to flow through my mind and body bringing comfort and peace!

I send peace and love to my joints!

I forgive myself!

I accept myself!

I set myself free from rigidity in mind and body!

I no longer judge myself or others. I am free!

It is safe to let go of everything that no longer serves me!

I give my body love and space to heal!

I choose to be flexible in mind and body!

I choose love and forgiveness!

I choose to focus on well-ness!

I choose flexible freedom!

I focus on this now moment and know all is well!

I am grateful to my body for everything it does to support me!

Fear contracts, love expands. I allow myself to relax, to feel love and to expand!

I release all fear and focus on love!

Love, forgiveness and peace flow through me.

I am worthy!

I am reassured and safe!

My self esteem and confidence are growing!

I move forward and leave the past behind with peace and love!

I am peace!

I am Love!

All Is Well




It’s a sad fact that seeking an “alternative” healing practitioner is a last resort for many people. I have worked with people who could go no further down the conventional route. Conventional medicine had literally given up on them and told them “there is nothing more we can do for you”.

That is a terrifying prospect for people who are in pain and who believed M.D.’s were, to quote Deepak Chopra, “Medical Deities”. It also means that alternative practitioners are only consulted when things have become pretty dire. We don’t get to start on a level playing field. I often imagine the results we could achieve if we were consulted earlier.

The U.K. and U.S. have very different health care systems neither of which are very empowering. In both systems it is very easy to be sucked in to a victim mentality and to feel that you have no control over your treatment or lack of healing results.

One of the biggest pit-falls of both systems is that we give our power away. We feel powerless and helpless, are often in pain and feeling at our most vulnerable. When you are in that mindset it can be nigh on impossible to believe that you are creating your situation and reality. The very idea can make people upset and angry.

If you are able to open your mind even a tiny bit, perhaps listen to a half hour meditation in the privacy of your bed as you fall asleep. You can tap in to your inner knowing and strength, let go of fear and move towards taking charge of your own healing.

This article was inspired by an 84 year old lady I worked with last night. Three other incredibly brave and wonderful elderly ladies are also in my mind as I write and I thank them for trusting me and giving me the honour of working with them. I love you all – you are incredible!










Whether we are talking about healing, forgiveness or deliberate creation of any kind. There is a tendency for our minds to kick in and try to use the power of the will to create what we want.

This I believe is where the “War on” attitude our society is so fond of came from. Since Richard Nixon popularised the term back in 1971 we have wars on drugs, cancer, child abuse, poverty, crime. You name it, we have a war on it. We haven’t won any of them and we’re never going to.

As long as we perpetuate the idea that we are at war, we add to the energy of war. Conflict and striving against is not the energy that brings peace, prosperity or healing.

With my passion for healing, I cringe every time I hear about the war on cancer for example. Without going in to detail, since Ronald Regan declared the “War on Cancer” in 1975 America has spent over two trillion dollars trying to end the war i.e. develop a cure. The methods have changed very little and still include chemotherapy, developed from Nitrogen Mustard Gas a chemical warfare agent used in the First and Second World Wars. It’s obvious by now that war analogies and will power don’t work.

So what is the difference between will and intention?

The language of “must”, “should”, “strive”, “fight” etc. comes from the ego. Your mind will speak to you that way, your soul won’t. Your soul communicates with you through loving, gentle, inspirational impulses.

As Robert Schwartz explains, “If I have a bow and arrow and my objective is to shoot the arrow to the centre of a target, can I will the arrow to the centre of the target? No, I can’t. Can I intend the arrow to hit the centre of the target? Yes of course I can. Can you feel the difference between these two things?” Will power is a constricted energetic state. Intention contains a lot more gentleness and kindness and it is expansive.

You create healing and anything else you want through gentle, kind intention. Not through beating yourself up and saying “I have to…!”

I was absolutely delighted when someone wrote this about my work. “But I’ve found out your work is not about trying to “overcome” something or even to heal something “wrong.” Your work is intended to promote well-being.”

This lady really understood, it’s not about fighting, it’s about setting a loving, gentle intention and allowing.









They say we teach that which we most need to learn and I believe that’s true. So many healers and teachers set out to heal themselves then find themselves teaching others. That’s just how it seems to work.

I have always been my own guinea pig, my own experiment. Before I recommend any therapy or teacher you can rest assured I’ve tried it myself.

The other day I had an interesting lesson. Something I’d overlooked and not used my own process or teachings on – my fingers!

When I get cold, my fingers turn numb and white. It can be quite painful when they warm up and the feeling comes back. It also freaks people out when they see it. I first remember it happening when I was 16 and although people have given me all kinds of dire warnings, I am still around to tell the tale.

At one point when I moved from a centrally heated house to one where the only heating was an open fire and I had to get coal and wood in no matter what the weather, my fingers were really bad and I took Ginko biloba and Ginger to great effect.

Over the years I kind of forgot about it but the weather was bitingly cold. My gloves were wet from throwing the ball for Finn and my fingers were frozen.

It suddenly dawned on me – talk to them! Not rocket science considering my work and very surprising that I hadn’t thought of it before, because I truly do live what I teach – usually :).

I apologised to my fingers for forgetting about them and leaving them out in the cold, literally!

I reminded myself that my fingers are part of me and thanked them. I reminded myself that my body knows how to send blood to my fingers. I asked my body to send more blood to warm my fingers up. I envisaged warm, healthy, loving blood being pumped to my fingers. I welcomed my fingers back in to the fold, apologised and thanked them. I can’t say how long it took, but it wasn’t long before they started to warm up. When I took the wet gloves off my fingers were perfectly pink.

Almost immediately my toes felt cold. I have never had a problem with them before, but they seemed to want to get in on the act and have loving thoughts and warm blood directed to them. I simply repeated the process and warmed them up too.

Is there a part of you that you are leaving out in the cold?

Might it benefit from some love, kind thoughts and words?







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