Change Your Vibration Around Food & Calories Fast!

Change Your  Vibration Around Food & Calories Fast!

Where is Your Focus & Vibration Around Food and Calories?

Do you savour your food? Are you grateful? Or do you fear calories and believe “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”?

Where is your focus?

I read a great comment this morning, “Have you ever actually seen a calorie ? No? Well, how can you be frightened of something you have never seen?”

There is so much truth in this and also a great deal of power. If you fear calories or dread the result of eating comfort food, where is your focus?

If you are focused on fear or dread, where do you think your vibration is?

Turn it around.  Savour, enjoy, be grateful. Think  about the nutrition and nourishment.  And, in the case of “comfort food”, focus on the comfort. Luxuriate in the warm, comforting feelings and forget the calories completely.

Now where is your vibration?

What Your Body Wants To Hear Heal Your Relationship with Food
What Your Body Wants To Hear True Key to Weight Loss


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