Affirmations To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Affirmations To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Heal Your Relationship with Money

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If we have a strong believe in lack, lack is what we will continue to create in our lives. The Law of Attraction teaches this powerfully simple concept. But how can we change our beliefs and therefore our vibration and attract money or keep the money we have? The key is to release your negative, disempowering beliefs and heal your relationship with the energy of money!

Affirmations To Clear The Subconscious Patterns That Are Keeping Money Out Of Your Life.

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Releasing The Negative Emotions You Have Around Money

With every breath I take, I am sending, love and gratitude to every single cell in my body!

Every part of me is getting the optimum benefit from this exercise!

With every breath I take, I am sending, love, gratitude and healing to my relationship with money!

I release poverty!

I release lack!

I release dependency!

I release insecurity!

I release fear!

I release the energy of “there is not enough”!

I release the energy and belief that there is never enough!

I release anxiety!

I release worry!

I clear all the ways I worry about paying my bills!

I clear all the ways I worry about paying my rent!

I clear all the ways I worry about debt!

I release lack of trust in myself!

I release financial fear!

I release the thought that money always goes out faster than it comes in!

I release all my conscious and unconscious blocks to abundance!

I release primal fear!

I release tribal fear!

I release any survival fear I am carrying!

I clear and release all my fear-full thought patterns!

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What Your Body Wants To Hear Heal Your Relationship With Money

I release all the fear I have stored in my cells!

I release all the fear I have stored in my stomach!

I release all the fear I have stored in my back!

I release all the fear I have stored in my hips!

I release and detach from the fear-full thoughts in my head!

I clear any ways I have bought in to the poverty mentality!

I clear all the ways I have been affected by media messages about lack!

I clear any ways I believe in recession!

I clear any ways I feel deprived!

I release any beliefs I hold that money is the root of all evil!

I release the belief that I will become a greedy person if I have a lot of money!

I release the belief that wealthy people are just “takers”!

I release the belief that money is not spiritual!

I release any beliefs any parts of me hold that money is evil!

I clear all the ways I perceive myself as good and money as evil!

I clear all the ways I set up that dilemma!

I release any old thoughts, beliefs or vows connecting spirituality with poverty!

I release the belief that to be good and giving I have to be poor!

I release the belief that I can’t be spiritual and wealthy at the same time!

I release any ways I am not good enough!

I release and completely let go of any and all ways I feel undeserving!

I release any ways I equate wealth with greed!

I clear any ways I equate wealth with corruption!

I clear all the ways I resist accepting abundance, well being and wealth!

I clear all the ways I resist receiving!

I clear all the ways I refuse to accept!

I clear all the ways I believe it is better to give than to receive!

I clear all the ways I am a giver not a taker!

I clear all the ways I believe takers are unpleasant people!

I release any belief I have that wealthy people are bad!

I release the belief that if I do what I love, I’ll starve to death!

I release my belief in lack!

I release the belief that I can’t make any money!

I release the belief that money doesn’t grow on trees!

I clear my belief in limitation!

I accept and allow that I had these fears and I now release them completely!

I release and completely let go, of the belief, that I am not good with money and will never be wealthy. I now realise that money is energy and the supply of energy is limitless!

Afformations To Prepare Your Subconscious Mind to

Receive & Accept Positive Affirmations

Why do I feel so peaceful now?

Why do I feel so loving now?

Why do I feel so secure now?

Why do I feel so reassured?

Why do I feel so comforted?

Why do I feel safe now?

Why do I feel supported and secure?

Why am I so grateful now?

Why am I accepting?

Why do I know I am worthy?

Why is it easy to focus on love and gratitude in my relationship with money?

Why am I open to the idea that I can be peaceful, relaxed and grateful in my relationship with money?

Why am I open to the idea that doing what I love could bring me abundance?

Why have I let go of resistance?

Why am I now open to receiving?

Why do I no longer carry those old, restrictive beliefs about my relationship with money?

Why do I feel so expansive now?

Why am I at peace with the energy of money?

Why am I able to receive?

Why am I happy to receive?

Why am I worthy to receive now?

Why am I open to the idea that I am the source of my abundance?

Why am I completely free to change my attitude and belief about money?

I create and re-create my experience with every breath. So I choose, positive, conscious, creation!

Why do I no longer believe I am limited?

Why do I listen to my heart and allow whatever comes along?

Powerful, Positive, Healing Affirmations

I open myself to be at peace in my relationship with money!

I am a spiritual being, money is energy, all energy seeks to serve me!

Money is spiritual!

I deserve to have as much money as I want!

Money is not evil. It is simply energy, neither positive nor negative!

It was easy and safe, to let go of everything that no longer serves me!

The fear is gone, abundance now flows in to my life!

I know no limitation!

My vibration is in perfect harmony with the energy of money!

I am the source of my abundance!

I open my heart to the energy of money!

I love receiving as well as giving!

I am my own greatest authority!

I am balanced in my giving and receiving!

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

I lovingly allow love, joy and gratitude to be part of my relationship with money!

I love and appreciate money!

I do so much good in the world with my money!

Money doesn’t come from outside. I am the source of my abundance.

I enjoy an increasing and never-ending flow of abundance!

I follow the path I love and am surrounded by abundance in all forms!

I have a good relationship with money. Actually, I have a great relationship with money. Thank you, money, for everything you do for me!

I am Peace!

I am Love!

All Is Well!

What Your Body Wants to Hear Heal Your Relationship with Money



It’s a sad fact that seeking an “alternative” healing practitioner is a last resort for many people. I have worked with people who could go no further down the conventional route. Conventional medicine had literally given up on them and told them “there is nothing more we can do for you”.

That is a terrifying prospect for people who are in pain and who believed M.D.’s were, to quote Deepak Chopra, “Medical Deities”. It also means that alternative practitioners are only consulted when things have become pretty dire. We don’t get to start on a level playing field. I often imagine the results we could achieve if we were consulted earlier.

The U.K. and U.S. have very different health care systems neither of which are very empowering. In both systems it is very easy to be sucked in to a victim mentality and to feel that you have no control over your treatment or lack of healing results.

One of the biggest pit-falls of both systems is that we give our power away. We feel powerless and helpless, are often in pain and feeling at our most vulnerable. When you are in that mindset it can be nigh on impossible to believe that you are creating your situation and reality. The very idea can make people upset and angry.

If you are able to open your mind even a tiny bit, perhaps listen to a half hour meditation in the privacy of your bed as you fall asleep. You can tap in to your inner knowing and strength, let go of fear and move towards taking charge of your own healing.

This article was inspired by an 84 year old lady I worked with last night. Three other incredibly brave and wonderful elderly ladies are also in my mind as I write and I thank them for trusting me and giving me the honour of working with them. I love you all – you are incredible!









Law of Attraction “Aren’t the releasing and clearing statements  going to bring me more of what I don’t want?”

People have asked me if listening to and allowing the releasing statements in my guided meditations in to their subconscious minds will bring them more of what they don’t want as described in many Law of Attraction teachings.

Some Law of Attraction teachings set people up to be frightened of having even a tiny negative thought and I believe this is a mistake.

As some wise spiritual teachers tell us, “You cannot be in the light by being in denial of the darkness”.* In other words, if you speak positive words but hold negative beliefs, the positive words will be at best, much less powerful.

My background in Emotional Freedom Technique taught me that although we may have or be manifesting an issue or dis-ease that is not who we are!

Louise L Hay says, “You will never create health by talking or thinking about illness” and that is true. But there is a huge difference between stating a problem briefly with the intention to clear and release it and dwelling on it, complaining endlessly about it, joining groups of like minded people to continue talking about it or building your life around it.

You CAN heal. You CAN change your thoughts but please be gentle with yourself as you learn to turn your negative thoughts and words into positive ones. Don’t be afraid if a negative thought crosses your mind or a negative word passes your lips. The fear will give it more power and anchor it in to reality. Just be aware of it and let it pass. Remind yourself that kind of thinking is your old habit, you are now creating new habits.

And lastly, if part of you is ill or in dis-ease. Don’t get angry or blame it, treat it with gentleness and love as you would a sick child or puppy.

With love,


*If anyone can remind me who said this, please let me know. I know it, but can’t place it at the moment. Thank you.







Beyond Affirmations App.


I am incredibly excited about the launch of the Beyond Affirmations mobile app created by my very dear and incredibly talented friends at Indie Goes: Software With A Soul.

Although my name is on it, this has been a team effort and a labour of love by an amazing group of like-minded people. I feel truly blessed to know and work with such a beautiful group of souls. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done to help get this work out to the world. We will be able to reach so many more people with the app than we could with our website alone.

As many of you know, I am passionate about helping people realise their body is not their enemy. Their body is always doing the very best it can to support them. By reaching more people through the app, we can help them realise they are not victims, they can find peace and love, and appreciate their bodies. In doing that, they will tap into their natural ability to heal—this will be a dream come true.

The app contains 18 guided healing meditations. They’re designed to guide you through releasing the emotions responsible for creating pain and dis-ease in specific areas of your body. Also, you will release those psychological blocks which prevent you from doing the things you want to do.

The Relaxation & Well-being programme is designed to help you release negative, repressed or stuck emotions and replace them with healing, life-affirming messages—the messages your body wants to hear! It will leave you feeling peaceful, relaxed and empowered

The Relaxations & Well-being programme is free to download.

Download the app here (available on Android. iPhone / iPad version will come very soon!) :
Or listen to a session for free here:

Love and deepest gratitude,

Barbara x






Your Amazing, Beautiful Heart


The heart produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body. Emotional information is encoded in that field and attracts people and experiences in to our lives. Our hearts bring in and give out information and connect us with the world.

The heart communicates with the brain and gut. Information, including emotional shocks, picked up by the heart is communicated to and lodged in the gut. It then becomes localised in the brain in a specific area that relates to a part of an organ. The reaction of the organ (dis-ease) is designed to help the person resolve the shock and learn from it.

When we are feeling positive emotions, the heart beats out a very different message. By learning to shift our emotions we change the encoding in the magnetic field radiating from our hearts thereby changing what we attract in to our experience.

Our ancestors knew about energy and the importance of our feeling, loving hearts. We are rediscovering this vital knowledge.

Take a moment to feel and to thank your amazing heart. The “Support Your Heart” recording is one of my favourites. It is strongly focused on love, leaves you feeling loved and loving, and helps you access the love your heart has for you..

With Love,


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