Healing the Weight Loss Struggle of the Empath

Healing the Weight Loss Struggle of the Empath

Healing the Weight Loss Struggle of the Empath

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I’ve written a lot about weight loss recently because I think it’s a very misunderstood area.  For some reason many of us who are well versed in energy work, universal laws, law of attraction and such topics, don’t realise that the same laws apply to weight and body image issues – they do!

As I wrote in my Make Friends With Food article, everything we’ve learned in personal or spiritual development studies can equally be applied to weight and body image issues. We have a relationship with food, just as we have a relationship with everything and everyone else in our lives. If we create conflict and struggle in that relationship with our negative beliefs we simply create more resistance and more struggle.

I covered a lot of the reasons for stubborn weight issues in my article What Was Going On In Your Life The Last Time You Were at Your Ideal Weight? some of which apply to empaths too. But there are also a few different reasons an empath may struggle with weight issues.

In my e-book, Healing the Heart of the Empath, I described how so many of us have spent our lives being told we are “too” something. “Too sensitive, too emotional, too serious, too passionate, too opinionated too ….Fill in the blank, it’s been endless.” Many of us also struggle to know where our energy and emotions end and other people’s begin and this can contribute to over-eating and failure to lose weight.

As with everything our bodies do, there are deeper, eminently, sensible and logical reasons for it but until we understand those reasons, it can be hard to know where to turn when we keep failing to lose or maintain weight.

Firstly let’s look at being “too much” for people. I hope those of you who have read the e-book or used my Healing the Heart of the Empath meditation package are leaving that belief behind by now! But even when we have healed the emotional roots, our bodies take a bit of time to catch up. Your body may still be holding on to excess weight in an effort to slow your energy down and stop being “too much” for people. The comfort aspect of over-eating may feel good in the moment but after a few minutes you feel that heavy feeling which is a great way of slowing your energy down!

Look at where you still believe you are “too much” for others and see if your over-eating is related to that belief.

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The second reason an empath may struggle with weight issues, is a lack of emotional grounding. If you are going into the emotional fray every day without consciously grounding yourself, your body may have decided it has to ground you!  If you are giving too much of yourself in a healing capacity, over-eating dulls your senses and your sensitivity giving you a much needed emotional break.  (Once again, I marvel at the wisdom of our bodies and how they really are always trying to do the very best they can to support us!)

Consciously and deliberately find another way to ground yourself and your body will move towards it’s natural balance again.

Using our free Heal Your Relationship with Food Affirmations will help you change your energy and beliefs and therefore your relationship with food. Read or tap along with them for a few days and you’ll feel the difference!

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I just wasn’t hungry any longer. I had used your Food meditation the other night for the first time (I always feel guilty about food choices even if all I’ve had is a bagel lol and I find it difficult to know when I’m full, etc.) Well this morning I laid out my breakfast and was happily eating it and then with about 3/4 of it done, I suddenly decided I didn’t want anymore, I just wasn’t hungry any longer. This might seem very normal for most people but that doesn’t happen to me. lol So I was very surprised and pleased! lol

Just wanted you to know how effective your meditations are. And by the way, all previous attempts I’ve made at meditating (before purchasing your meditations) have been an abject failure for me, thus why I am really overjoyed to find something effective that makes me WANT to meditate! 😉 lol

A.W. 11th December 2017

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