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Happily more and more people are beginning to realise that their body is not their enemy and they are not victims.  Wonderful, world renowned teachers like Bruce Lipton and Louise Hay are spreading the word and that can only be a good thing.  Many of us now take this knowledge for granted, we live it. But we have to realise that for many people coming from conventional education it is a huge leap.  It can literally shatter everything you ever thought you knew. People are often outraged at the very idea that they created their own pain. It takes courage and an open mind to accept such huge challenges to your belief system.

With this in mind I want to offer this space for questions and answers about my work and the theory behind it.  I am happy to answer questions on any of my material or related subjects. Given that to date I have  published nineteen healing guided meditations and have a transcript on my desk ready to record, there is a fair amount of material to cover.

I was happy to answer some questions in my radio interview on Soul Searching Radio with the wonderful Kelly T Smith of  Intuitive Life Coaching With Kelly. You can listen to the show here

I’d be delighted to receive your questions either in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. I will reply to your questions on this page. I look forward to hearing from you.



Beyond Affirmations?

tn_183821_CJcrMay2012During our discussion on Soul Searching Radio   last week,   Kelly Smith   asked me to explain my work and how it I came to create it.  We discussed affirmations and why they don’t always seem to work.  As we said on the show, the fact is they do work but we have to be aware of what it is we are actually affirming! If we have an emotional block, the subconscious will not accept  positive suggestions it does not believe to be true.

I am passionate about helping people to love and appreciate their bodies and helping them allow their bodies to heal naturally. I got very frustrated when people got disheartened when positive affirmations didn’t work for them.  They gave up and felt an even greater sense of failure, shame, guilt or powerlessness.  That was why I created the What Your Body Wants To Hear  process.

Inspired by the work of Louise L Hay, Dr Masaru Emoto and others, I researched all the emotional issues generally held in specific areas of the body.  I then created releasing/clearing statements, empowering questions and finally, positive affirmations to cover all those emotions and more. The statements and affirmations cover all these emotions on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Each recording covers all the emotional issues which are generally held in specific areas of the body.

I created the following recordings to give you a taste of each of the three parts of the What Your Body Wants To Hear  programmes.  These demonstrations cover some of the issues implicated in back pain.

The first part of the process; releasing and clearing.

The second part, gentle, empowering questions or afformations.

And the third part, powerful, positive affirmations to replace your fear-filled, negative or destructive self talk and replace it with empowering, healthy and healing thoughts.

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