A Way Out of Pain

A Way Out of Pain

A Way Out of Pain

When pain strikes many people try to fight it, oppose it and engage in conflict with it. This sets up an internal battle which we can never win. We can never win the battle because pain is not our enemy, it is a messenger.  I wrote about my own journey, through resistance, disassociation to acceptance and finally love in the article Are You Burying Your Head in the Sand?


I watched or rather listened to this video by Mat Kahn this morning and zoned out! I seemed to come in and out of awareness for a couple of  hours and on my return I felt, and still feel, a profound difference and sense of peace. It’s lovely and very, very powerful. 🙂


I hope you enjoy it,

With Love,


Rock Your Intuition!

Rock Your Intuition!

Rock Your Intuition!


Elizabeth is running a Q&A call on Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 4.00p.m. Eastern, 9.00p.m. B.S.T. Click the links below to sign up, get the replay of the last class and catch up with the Q&A.

Elizabeth Locey Indigo Light

I had a great time on the Next Level, Intuitive Training Call  run by my beautiful friend, Elizabeth Locey last night. Elizabeth has had an incredible journey from academic to oracle and shared some amazing stories about her journey from 3D to the expanded vision of living life from her intuition. Elizabeth’s passion, energy and vision shone so brightly along with her courageous and honest vulnerability. Elizabeth is my kind of teacher!

crystal ball


Along with her inspirational stories, Elizabeth took us through a few excercises designed to help us open to our intuition and get ourselves more grounded in our bodies. She even taught one of my favourite and fun things, how to turn yourself in to a human pendulum!


Whether you would like to start opening up your intuitive abilities or take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend attending Elizabeth’s next free class this Saturday the 25th April 7.00p.m. B.S.T. 2.00p.m. E.T.  and learn to Rock Your Intuition!

Thank You!

tn_ThankyoupurpleI am sincerely grateful to all the wonderful people who take the time to let me know how they experience my healing guided meditations.  I can’t tell you what it means to me to hear that you are getting results.

I am also truly and  deeply grateful to those who take time out of their busy lives to write reviews of my work.  With  the release of the app. the reviews are increasingly coming from people who don’t know me personally. I am so incredibly grateful to them.

Rev. Anne Presuel just published a video about expressing gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives.  You can see it here

I would like to thank Rev. Anne and all the other amazing people who send me little messages of appreciation for my work, testimonials and reviews.

This is what Rev. Anne wrote:-

Rev. Anne Presuel “Love it, Barbara! I also love your unique way of affirming for the parts of the body which can’t speak for themselves.

For everyone else’s info, I ordered two of Barbara’s affirmation mp3s and really loved them. If you resonate with my affirmation CDs, then you’ll love hers, as well. She separates the parts of the body which may be having troubles and speaks such lovely affirmations about those parts.

One night recently, my stomach was upset with anxiety about Pixie, my beloved kitty, who was undergoing surgery, and I listened to Barbara’s stomach mp3. It was so perfect! Check them out!”

And from a “complete stranger” about my app.:-

By Thalia Bhandari about Beyond Affirmations Meditation (version 1.4, Google Play Store) on Apr 22, 2014

“The meditations are fantastic you can adjust the music and voice loudness to your liking. The first two meditations are free. The rest are only 6 dollars download but well worth it. I use them daily and my health and finances are much better. If you love affirmations and relaxing music, these meditations are the best I have found. Give them a go!”

I put the words “complete stranger” in quotation marks because I don’t believe there is such a thing.  We are all connected, we are meant to cross each other’s paths, we planned it. I am so grateful for our connection.

Blessings and gratitude,




Dear All,

I have decided to make all the transcripts to my guided meditations freely available. Many of them are already available on my website, just follow the links below. I intend to publish them all when time permits and hope they will be useful tools for tapping sessions or simply to read through as a reminder to send love and gratitude to your body.

I have completed the Grief & Trauma research and script and just have to get some quiet time to record it.

rasteriskThe Grief & Trauma guided healing meditation is now available. You can find it here

I have also started a new “What Your Body Wants To Hear” series for serious dis-eases. I am half way through a script for Rheumatoid Arthritis which will be followed by a guided meditation to help people cope with Fibromyalgia. Please get in touch if you have ideas or suggestions for other dis-eases you would like to see covered in this new series.

I also plan to launch a new service, personalised guided meditations tailored for your specific needs. This package will include two private consultations over Skype. I am really looking forward to launching this and working one to one with people again.

The app is doing well. It is so exciting to see it being downloaded all around the world. If you have downloaded it and enjoyed it, we would be really grateful if you could pop a review on the Apple Store or Google Play. If you haven’t got our free Relaxation & Well-being meditation yet, you can download it here

As always, I thank you all for your love and support and for helping me get this work out to the world.



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Whether we are talking about healing, forgiveness or deliberate creation of any kind. There is a tendency for our minds to kick in and try to use the power of the will to create what we want.

This I believe is where the “War on” attitude our society is so fond of came from. Since Richard Nixon popularised the term back in 1971 we have wars on drugs, cancer, child abuse, poverty, crime. You name it, we have a war on it. We haven’t won any of them and we’re never going to.

As long as we perpetuate the idea that we are at war, we add to the energy of war. Conflict and striving against is not the energy that brings peace, prosperity or healing.

With my passion for healing, I cringe every time I hear about the war on cancer for example. Without going in to detail, since Ronald Regan declared the “War on Cancer” in 1975 America has spent over two trillion dollars trying to end the war i.e. develop a cure. The methods have changed very little and still include chemotherapy, developed from Nitrogen Mustard Gas a chemical warfare agent used in the First and Second World Wars. It’s obvious by now that war analogies and will power don’t work.

So what is the difference between will and intention?

The language of “must”, “should”, “strive”, “fight” etc. comes from the ego. Your mind will speak to you that way, your soul won’t. Your soul communicates with you through loving, gentle, inspirational impulses.

As Robert Schwartz explains, “If I have a bow and arrow and my objective is to shoot the arrow to the centre of a target, can I will the arrow to the centre of the target? No, I can’t. Can I intend the arrow to hit the centre of the target? Yes of course I can. Can you feel the difference between these two things?” Will power is a constricted energetic state. Intention contains a lot more gentleness and kindness and it is expansive.

You create healing and anything else you want through gentle, kind intention. Not through beating yourself up and saying “I have to…!”

I was absolutely delighted when someone wrote this about my work. “But I’ve found out your work is not about trying to “overcome” something or even to heal something “wrong.” Your work is intended to promote well-being.”

This lady really understood, it’s not about fighting, it’s about setting a loving, gentle intention and allowing.







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