Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Healer’s Toolkit

Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Healer’s Toolkit

 Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Body & Your Life

You may have heard that emotional issues contribute to painful physical conditions but how do you know which emotions contributed to which condition?  It can take a lot of detective work and research to find out which emotions create and contribute to physical pain. It is all based on embryology and which areas of the brain are connected with different areas of the body, which sounds a bit daunting!  The good news is, I have done the detective work for you!

Each of my What Your Body Wants To Hear  guided, healing meditations was thoroughly researched so that they target the emotions most likely to be causing pain in specific areas.  The words and phrases are designed to work on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

Transcripts of all our meditations are freely available for your personal use. Click the links below for instant access.

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