Stressed? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Sad? Forgive Yourself.


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Sad? Forgive Yourself!

From our soul’s perspective there is never any need for forgiveness.  We are  here on earth, experiencing experiences and doing the very best we can in every moment.  All our experiences, interactions and relationships are part of our soul’s plan for our highest good and spiritual growth They are part of everyone else’s soul plan too so there are no victims. Although it doesn’t always feel that way!

That said, our human selves sometimes feel the need for and benefit from forgiveness, of ourselves and others. In her book, “The Other F Word”*, Julianna Erickson describes forgiveness as “loosening, untying or letting go”. This slight change of perspective is very useful because  the word “forgiveness” comes with a lot of baggage and misconceptions.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or sad, remind yourself it’s only your thoughts that are making you feel that way. The more you think about something or someone, the more energy you give it, the more real and stronger it becomes.  You create an energy link with your thoughts and emotions and you tie yourself tighter and stronger to the unwanted thing/person with very thought and  emotion.

So if you are feeling like the swan, seemingly serene but paddling furiously beneath the surface, take a moment.

Become aware of the thoughts that are creating your emotions then let go, untie and loosen.

A very easy and quick way to do this is to go inside. Intend to send any energy which is not yours back where it came from then consciously call your own energy back.  Wherever it is scattered throughout the universe it will return. You may or may not feel it, but your intention will bring it back.  This is a very useful exercise to do whenever you feel scattered or stressed or find yourself obsessing about anything and it will help you to let go, untie and loosen or forgive the person or situation and free yourself.

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* My sincere thanks to Julie Ramige of Rewired For Your Success  and Sylvie Claire Morin of SMC Formations  for being their incredible selves and for introducing me to this book.  I am so grateful to have you in my life and an honoured to call you friends. <3

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