Make Friends With Food!

Make Friends With Food!

Change Your Relationship With Food & You Change The Way Your Body Reacts To It!

Most of what we’ve been taught about achieving and maintaining our ideal weight simply isn’t true! Calorie counting, weighing and measuring have their place, but if you don’t address the emotional drivers behind over-eating or choosing food that doesn’t nourish you, any weight loss you achieve will be hard won and almost certainly won’t last.

Everything we learned in personal or spiritual development studies can equally be applied to weight and body image issues.  We have a relationship with food, just as we have a relationship with everything and everyone else in our lives. If we create conflict and struggle in that relationship with our negative beliefs we simply create more resistance and more struggle.

This lady explains how surprised and pleased she was at breakfast the morning after using our Heal Your Relationship with Food Meditation

What We Resist Persists

When we push against something we automatically create resistance.  When we focus only on what we want, not what we don’t want, it manifests for us. When we focus on the end result, rather than perceived hurdles and difficulties, we reach the desired result a lot faster and painlessly.

I covered a lot of the reasons for stubborn weight issues in my article What Was Going On In Your Life The Last Time You Were at Your Ideal Weight? so I won’t cover that ground again.

Emotional Drivers

We know that in other areas of life, making war against something never achieves peace.  The same is true of our relationship with food and how food affects our bodies. If we are not aware of the emotional drivers behind our behaviour we are powerless to control the behaviour for very long. Willpower alone will only take us so far.

The truth is, when you clear the emotional drivers behind over-eating or eating what you (or others) consider to be the ‘wrong’ foods you take back your own power and your body, in its infinite wisdom will bring itself back into balance.

What Your Body Wants To Hear Heal Your Relationship with Food
What Your Body Wants To Hear True Key to Weight Loss




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All our healing affirmations are absolutely free. Why not read or tap along with our Heal Your Relationship with Food script for a few days and watch how your body responds?


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Neck Pain? Fibromyalgia? How Letting Go Of Deep Grief Eased Agonising Pain

Neck Pain? Fibromyalgia? How Letting Go Of Deep Grief Eased Agonising Pain

Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia or Deep Grief & Trauma?

I am often asked if I have a meditation for this condition or that condition. Although the What Your Body Wants to Hear series is pretty comprehensive, it doesn‘t cover every physical condition. It does cover most emotional issues though. Very often I can recommend one based on what emotional issues the physical condition is connected with. For example (among other issues) lung issues are often linked with grief, diabetes with self-love, inflammation with anger, kidney issues with shame, neuralgia with guilt etc. So using a meditation for the specific emotional issues can often affect the physical which is obviously what happened for this lady.

The following is a genuine letter I received from a lady who’d used my What Your Body Wants To Hear, Release Grief & Trauma Healing guided meditation.  To protect her privacy, I’ll call her Mary.  Once again, it seems to prove that when we let go of painful emotions our body can heal itself without physical manipulation or medication.  Scripts for all my meditations are freely available for you to read, tap along with or even record for yourself on this site.

With my love, Barbara

“For two days over the weekend just gone, I was in agony, I had severe pain in both sides of my neck and at the base of my skull, I thought it was due to a flare up of my fibromyalgia. So I put hot packs on my neck and took the max. dose of painkillers. I began to think I would have to see my chiropractor again!

Anyway like I told you in my last email I’d downloaded your meditations and it was that same night that I was guided to listen to your meditation on Grief & Trauma. I started to play it and as it continued I burst into tears and just kept sobbing….What a release!

I knew I was letting go of the Grief & Trauma that had been building up since my beloved husband passed over two years previous. And the things you mentioned on the meditation I really identified with and I was a little taken aback as I hadn’t realised I was holding onto such beliefs!

And recently I’d left a job where I’d been bullied and was still holding onto a lot of resentment and unforgiveness towards my ex-colleagues and over the last few years many of the jobs I have undertaken, had left me feeling disappointed, hurt and lacking in confidence. So I think some of these emotions were also released!

After the tears I felt as though a weight had lifted from me and a lot of the pain in my neck and at the base of my skull had GONE! And that night I slept soundly which was wonderful as the previous two nights I’d hardly slept due to the agonising pain.

So THANKS AGAIN Barbara!! I will continue to listen to your Grief & Trauma meditation (& your other meditations)”.



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What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma

FREE TRANSCRIPT for What Your Body Wants To Hear, Ease The Emotional Aspects of Fibromyalgia

FREE TRANSCRIPT for What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma




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