The Amazing Way The Health Of Your Spine Affects Other Areas of Your Body [Video]

The Amazing Way The Health Of Your Spine Affects Other Areas of Your Body [Video]

This amazing short video, shows the areas of the body that are affected by health problems in specific areas of the spine.

More and more people are coming to realise that emotional issues and traumas can have devastating  affects on our physical  health.

Dr. John Sarno MD, a traditionally trained professor of New York University School of Medicine spent  many years  treating patients with back pain, using standard remedies. He continued to get lousy results until he realised that 88% of his patients also had stress-related problems. When he started to teach his patients that tension, not structural problems, was to blame for their pain, he started to see good results for the first time in his career.

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Stiffness, pain and misalignment, can all be created by stress, fear and worry. So it stands to reason that if you reduce stress, you also reduce tension, inflammation and pain.

Fear, negative beliefs and emotions can’t be seen, but they play a huge part in the health of your spine.  When you heal painful and traumatic emotions, you create space for your spine to heal naturally.

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