The Best Way To Prepare For 2018 And Help The Planet!

The Best Way To Prepare For 2018 And Help The Planet!

Top Tips To Prepare For 2018

affirmations to heal the heart of the empath

2018 is a year of rising heart energy, a year where the feminine energy and the energy of no more secrets continues to rise. While we may have thought, imagined or fantasised about what that would look like, it doesn’t look the way we imagined it would!

As empaths, sensitives and lightworkers we know what is really going on. We feel energy and see the bigger picture but even knowing that, we can sometimes lose our focus and get sucked into the energies of fear, conflict, separation and dissonance. So what are the best things to do to prepare for 2018?

Heal Your Own Emotional Wounds Now!

In order to be as effective in playing the part you came here to play at this time of huge transition, you need to be in good emotional shape yourself. If we don’t take care of ourselves first we can fall into blame, judgement, anger, frustration, self-pity, depression and a whole host of other dark places. So please think about that, are there any areas that you still need to heal in yourself? If there are, now is the time to recognise and attend to them with love and compassion (no beating yourself up or self-judgement!).

Make Sure Your Own Emotional Boundaries are Strong and Healthy

Being so attuned to other people’s feelings and emotions, empaths, sensitives and lightworkers are often unaware of where their boundaries end and other people’s begin. We often take on other people’s issues and fears and we aren’t even aware of it. This can be devastating to our sense of well-being and balance, you can’t remain heart-centred when your (or what you think are your) emotions are all over the place!

Stop Trying To Get Others To Understand You

This has been part of the life path of so many of us! So many of us have felt misunderstood all our lives. We have tried relentlessly to get people to understand us and for most of us, it hasn’t worked! What if simply being yourself and forgetting what other people think of you was enough?

Remember That Your Light and Energy Are Making A Profound Difference

When we feel we are small and powerless it is easy to forget that we are here for a reason and that our presence on the planet at this time truly does make a difference. This is true whether you are on a deliberate spiritual path or you simply spread your love, compassion, wisdom as you go about your daily life. Your light is much more powerful and important than you ever imagined!

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Shake Off Fear

Fear and hiding constrict and diminish us on all levels. Fear causes us to become smaller, it silences us and appears to make us safer. After all, if we can’t be seen or heard we are less likely to be attacked. On a human level this makes perfect sense, however on an emotional, spiritual and physical level there is a huge price to pay for constriction. Just think what can happen to your heart if your arteries constrict! For help to step out of fear download my free Release, Heal & Transform Fear guided meditation on the Release, Heal & Transform mobile app. or as an MP3.

Love Your Own Heart First

Use your own love to heal your own heart. So many of us have decided that being an empath or sensitive soul is challenging and painful. We can attribute any meaning we like to anything! So why not decide that being an empath is an incredibly wonderful and powerful thing rather than believing it is a weakness or curse?

Bring More Love into the World

Bringing more love into the world couldn’t be simpler and it starts with you. Send your own powerful love to you own heart by putting your hand on your heart and telling it how much you love it.

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The Best Way To Prepare For 2018 And Help The Planet!

The best way to prepare for 2018 and help the planet usher in the rising heart energy is to spend any free time you have from now until the New Year, healing your own wounds, giving your love to your own heart. From the time you read this until 2018 (and hopefully beyond!) treat yourself as you would treat a beloved child, lover or pet. That is the very best way you can prepare for 2018.

If you need help healing and sending love to your own heart, I have created a special package, Healing The Heart of the Empath to help you rebuild your self-confidence, heal your heart, trust your creativity and intuition and most importantly realise just how important your presence is on the planet at this time of huge transition.

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    This is really really really good!

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    • December 30, 2017 at 8:17 pm

      Thank you so much dear Martha, that is so very kind of you. I wish you a joy filled New Year.
      Huge love and hugs,
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