The Energy and Power of Fear – Don’t Buy Into It! Free MP3

Churned out by those who seek to manipulate us for their own ends, the energy of fear is at record levels around the planet. Fear plays havoc with our emotional, mental and physical health!

Fear depletes our immune systems!

The relentless scare stories that we are all plugged into 24 hours a day are doing our immune systems no good at all! Fear depletes our immune systems.

Our bodies respond to the images in our minds!

The mind and body are intrinsically connected. Your body is unable to tell the difference between reality and imagination. So when you focus on your fears it creates as much havoc with your hormones, body chemistry and energy field as it would if you were facing a dangerous situation in real life.

Stress knocks our bodies off balance and triggers a cascade of stress hormones which influence your body via the autonomic nervous system. When our bodies are in flight, fight or freeze mode they have less energy available to maintain our immune systems and to heal and repair. It stands to reason then that chronic stress can easily lead to poor health and illness.

Your thoughts create an instant reaction in your body. Emotional stress alerts the body to produce stress chemicals such as cortisol, which—if produced on an ongoing basis—begin to break down the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems.

More than ever we have to find a way to consciously relieve our stress levels every day!

For these reasons my Release, Heal & Transform Fear guided meditation is my free gift to you (both as an MP3 and on our mobile app). I recently created a handy PDF of the affirmations which you can also download free with my compliments and love.

Read the beautiful and amazing things others have experienced with this meditation.

To the banishment of fear!

With love,


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affirmations for ankle pain and injury
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affirmations for ankle pain and injury
affirmations for ankle pain and injury
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