A Simple Tip To Test The Power Your Words Have on Your Body

A Simple Tip To Test The Power Your Words Have on Your Body

Dr Emoto Water CrystalsMany of us here are familiar with the amazing work of Dr Masaru Emoto which proved the power words and emotions have on water.  Many of us realised that since our bodies consist mostly of water, our words and emotions must have a huge influence on our bodies. This is old news to most of us here.

It can be tricky to let go of old habits and beliefs, many of which we are not even aware of. But when you think what constant self-criticism and judgement are doing to the cells of your body you  realise that for your own well-being and health you have to become consious of your self-talk and change it!

Elephant and tree at duskNot everyone is used to listening to their bodies but this simple excercise can help you  become more aware. When you set off for a walk (or start any type of excercise), check in with your body, feel how strong your strides are and with how much ease or stiffness your body moves. Give that feeling a number on a scale of zero to ten. As you walk, start telling yourself, ” I am strong, I am powerful, my legs are strong, my legs are fit and powerful, my body moves with ease” etc. Towards the end of your walk (or excercise), check in again and see if your number has changed.

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