The Power of Words & The Importance of Being Specific

The Power of Words & The Importance of Being Specific

Almost anyone can get pretty impressive results using Emotional Freedom Technique. But an E.F.T. professional who knows the importance of being specific and thorough can achieve incredible, sometimes life-changing results.

The same is true of meditation. Almost everyone benefits from practicing it, whether silent meditation or guided meditation.A very sad and frustrating situation for our First Minister and the entire SNP . They have shown immense strength ,compassion and dignity on the subject of war on Syria. It is sad and ironic that fighter jets are being deployed from Lossiemouth in Scotland. A Scotland where the largest majority of people want no part in the suffering of fellow human beings.

With my E.F.T. background I am very aware of the powerful healing which can result when we are very specific and thorough. That is why I designed the What Your Body Wants To Hear meditation series to be very detailed, precise and specific in addressing the individual emotions likely to be held in particular areas of the body.

Most energy therapists also know that the different sides of our bodies represent different aspects of our lives and therefore we hold different emotions in them. Where we have two of something, i.e.  hips , knees and ankles, What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations contain healing statements which cover both sides. We would never want to leave you lopsided! 🙂

All our  healing affirmations are freely available for you to use as you choose. They are great for tapping along with or simply to gain more insight into what emotion may be causing your problem.  For the links to all our free affimations click  here.

Or download our healing app. and enjoy a relaxation & well-being mediation now free with our compliments.  Download now

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