Top Ten Affirmations To Boost Your Immune System

Affirmations To Boost Your Immune System

Top Ten Affirmations to Boost Your Immune System

Unresolved fight or flight response closes down our immune systems. It is our body’s very clever way of helping us to survive.  If you are facing a wild animal who wants to eat you, that is clearly a much more imminent danger than fighting off a bacteria or virus. Let’s face it, if the tiger gets you, any potential illness becomes irrelevant!

Fear depletes our immune systems, and long term fear and stress take a huge toll on all our body’s systems.  I strongly encourage you clear all the fear, stress & anxiety and/or grief out of your mind, body and energy system before using these positive affirmations to Boost Your Immune System. 

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You may be feeling more stressed and anxious than fearful. If so, please read our Free Affirmations to Release Stress & Anxiety


Most of humanity is also dealing with grief at the moment. Some people are suffering horrendous personal loss. Even if we haven’t suffered personally, we are all grieving the loss of a way of life.  This grief is perfectly valid and most of us will go through the recognised phases of grief. You can ease and perhaps even speed up getting through this grief by dealing with it consciously rather than trying to ignore or suppress it.  Our Free Affirmations for Grief & Trauma (Recommended as one of the best in grief affirmations by ObitTree) may help you do this.

After clearing fear, stress & anxiety and grief & trauma use these positive affirmations to boost your immune system.

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Set a powerful intention to send love and gratitude to your amazing immune system.

My immune system is efficient and powerful.

My immune system is fabulous, it knows exactly what it is doing.

My immune system keeps me healthy and well.

I am so grateful to my wonderful immune system.

My immune system is powerful, wise and strong.

My immune system fights off all challenges & threats easily and effectively.

I love and thank my wonderful immune system for keeping me safe and healthy.

My immune system is doing the most fantastic job protecting me from all those viruses and bacteria.

I deeply and completely love, accept and thank my amazing immune system.

Thank you, immune system, for everything you do for me.


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