How Healthy Weight Loss Is Like Teaching a Dog To Sit

How Healthy Weight Loss Is Like Teaching a Dog To Sit

I’ve written a lot about weight loss recently because I think it’s a very misunderstood area.  For some reason many of us who are well versed in energy work, universal laws, law of attraction etc. don’t realise that the same laws apply to weight and body image issues – they do!

Before I moved into Energy Therapies, I trained in Dog Behaviour. We used kind, effective, reward based training never allowing the dog to fail and very rarely, if ever, using the word “no”.

The trick was to take the dog’s mind where you wanted the body to go, quietly, gently and without force. For example, to teach the dog to sit you hold a treat in front of and just above the dog’s face. If you have their attention and position the treat correctly, their bottom will eventually lower to the floor – success! Most importantly, you have not used force, you have not created an unpleasant experience nor have you created resistance or conflict – even bigger success!!

The very same can be said about successful weight loss. If you get your mind, in our case, the subconscious mind, to go where you want your body to go, without using force (will-power) or creating resistance or conflict, you are on your way to success.

Unlike dogs, most of us already have conflict and resistance in our minds, so first it is essential to clear out all the old emotional debris and this is where energy therapies and affirmations come into their own.

One lady wrote to me recently after having used our Heal Your Relationship With Food meditation once:-

“I had used your Food meditation the other night for the first time (I always feel guilty about food choices even if all I’ve had is a bagel and I find it difficult to know when I’m full, etc.) Well this morning I laid out my breakfast and was happily eating it and then with about 3/4 of it done, I suddenly decided I didn’t want any more, I just wasn’t hungry any longer. This might seem very normal for most people but that doesn’t happen to me. So I was very surprised and pleased!”

At a subconscious level that meditation had eased the emotional drivers that were causing her to over-eat. With them out of the way, it was then completely effortless for her body to tell her when it was full and for her not to finish her breakfast.

Try tapping along with or reading through our free Heal Your Relationship with Food script or jump right in and get our comprehensive, eight MP3 True Key To Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss Package or the single Heal Your Relationship with Food MP3 (also available on our What Your Body Wants to Hear mobile app.)

Using force is by far the hardest, most unpleasant and least effective strategy for both dog training and weight loss!


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