What Does the Soul of your Business Want You To Know?

What Does the Soul of your Business Want You To Know?

A few weeks ago I attended a two and a half hour tele seminar about working with the Soul of Your Business. It was great, if a bit on the long side, and gave some really good ideas. The only problem was that the training was $6,000!

One of the ideas, was to do a medicine walk to connect with the soul of your business and ask it how it would like to be expressed. I thought that was a great idea and planned to do it.

Although I walk in the woods every day, the walks are really Finn’s time. So a lot of ball throwing is involved 🙂 I come across feathers and visions and wonderful things too of course and when the ground is dry I sit beneath 2 amazing Beech Trees. But I don’t consciously set out alone to meditate or connect, it’s dog fun time.

I never got around to doing the medicine walk but one night I asked my spirit guides how to connect with the soul of my business. Very light heartedly, i.e. laughing at me, they told me to do it exactly the same way I connect with them.

I have a game I play with my spirit guides most nights. I lay around 12 oracle cards out face down on my bed (the number is only limited by the number I can fit on my bed when I am sitting in it). I ask the guys what they would like me to know, what would help me that day or night, then use my pendulum to choose cards.

I decided to connect with the soul of my business the same way, using Michelle Newton’s lovely Angel Feather Oracle.

Angel Feather Oracle pack image

Instead of asking a specific question, I just asked what it wanted me to know. I expected something like, take practical steps or you have healing hands or something but this is what I got:-

Pink – Love is in the air!

Salmon Pink – Treat yourself.

Royal Blue – Chosen path found.

Fuschia – New lifestyle or home.

I absolutely fell in love with the soul of my business,(especially the What Your Body Wants to Hear series, which is my first love 🙂 ) there and then.

What Your Body Wants To Hear Tree of Life Logo

It changed the way I view my business and the energy around it and took the pressure off completely. I now ask what it wants us to do, in exactly the same way I do with my Magdaleine Group spirit guides.

I think sometimes we can view our businesses as other than, or as something to be worked at or to squeeze revenue out of. But they are part of us and they have their own energy. Like everything else in life we are in relationship with our businesses and we would do well to listen, love and respect them.



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