What Kind of Emotional Eater Are You?

What Kind of Emotional Eater Are You?

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Through my work as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner I realised that there are many different reasons people reach for the comfort of food. There are as many reasons are there are emotional eaters! Once you identify and clear the underlying emotional roots the urge to over-eat instantly diminishes or vanishes.

Here are some questions to help you identify which emotions are triggering you.

Are you most likely to emotionally eat when:

You are lonely

You are stressed

You are angry

When you are doubting yourself

When you are reminded of painful past experiences

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

If you could change one thing about your emotions what would it be?

I’d stop letting loneliness overwhelm me

I’d stop feeling so stressed

I’d stop allowing others to trigger my anger

I’d believe in myself more

I’d truly heal past emotional pain

The subconscious is where the root causes and the answers to all weight and body image lie.

In many cases there is an underlying pain of fear, grief, danger, trauma or loss which your body is trying to protect you from by laying down and holding on to fat.

In a surprising number of cases, a happy memory can cause emotional eating. Somewhere deep inside part of you equates food with love and safety. Perhaps you had a happy birthday party and a lovely birthday cake, or your father took you to the beach and bought you ice cream. Perhaps soon after, your father left you. Now you think you crave ice cream after emotional loss, but it’s actually love, warmth and safety you crave.

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When you begin to see either of these patterns for what they truly are, you realise how well your body is trying to look after you. This realisation is your first step to self-empowerment and permanent, healthy weight loss!

It has never been about food, it has always, always been about healing painful emotions.



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