I am delighted and excited to announce that the Beyond Affirmations app. has been revised and updated and our “Release Grief & Trauma” meditation has been added to it.  The app is free to download and contains two free tracks.  The first is an introduction and instruction session which explains how to get the optimum benefits from the meditations.  The second is a free meditation for Relaxation and Well-being.  Listening to this will also help you to decide whether these meditations are for you.


Download the app at Indie Goes Software With A Soul

Other healing meditations available on the app. are our all- time best- selling Self Love healing meditation.


This is a two part meditation which helps you heal your relationship with your deeper self, your creativity, wisdom and divinity. Release all your “not good enough” feelings and embrace who you truly are, a wise, creative, abundant and loving spiritual being.

Our latest meditation, Release Grief & Trauma.


A powerful but gentle meditation for those darkest times in life. This healing guided meditation starts where you are, in the depth of the darkness. Taking gentle, tiny, baby steps it leads you through releasing the painful emotions to seeing the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel.

Our ever popular Release Stress & Anxiety.


This meditation helps you release and replace your fear–filled thoughts with peaceful, empowering and loving messages, the messages your body wants to hear!

Our unique slant on food and weight issues, Heal Your Relationship with Food.


Change your thoughts and change your body! What you eat is far less important than what you believe about what you eat – how you feel about what you eat. It’s all about the energy flowing through you.

An everyday problem for so many people, Headaches & Migraine.


There are numerous reasons for headaches. But in general they are your body’s way of telling you you are going too fast, doing too much and overloading your circuits. Take some time out. Release the pressure and tension.

Our vital centre of love, Support Your Heart


We are only just beginning to understand the heart and all it does for us.  Did you know that your heart communicates with your brain? That it emits the largest electromagnetic field in your body and attracts people and experiences in to your life?  Thank and support your beautiful, intuitive heart.

Another powerful communication centre, Support Your Stomach.


Again, science is only just beginning to appreciate all our stomachs do for us.  It has recently been discovered that when people are tuned in to their intuition or healing practice, serotonin is produced in the gut. Our stomachs are often where we store feelings of fear and anxiety.  We can also store acidic or corrosive emotions such as anger, resentment and insecurity in our stomachs. Acidic health conditions appear when we just can’t stomach our situations or emotions any longer. Make peace with your stomach. Let it settle and relax.

Another of our best sellers, Three-Part Full Back.


The Upper Back

The upper back represents the reverse side of the heart; this is where we find fear, irritation, anger, resentment and frustration.

The Middle Back

The middle back holds the balance in the centre of the body; therefore it is connected to decision-making. Resentment can also be found in the middle back. The saying “I bent over backwards to help” relates to the middle back.

The Lower Back

The lower back is often where we store feelings of being unsupported, of the weight of responsibility. Issues of security, isolation, survival and self-support are often stored in the lower back.

The bridge between head and body, between the absolute and the relative. Support Your Neck.


Your neck carries a lot of responsibility. It is a bridge between the absolute and the relative, a natural cutoff point where a mind/body split is often found.  Let go of all your “pain-in-the neck” thoughts and beliefs.

An emotional issue for many in the fear-filled world today, Heal Your Relationship With Money.


“Love of money is the root of all evil.” “You cannot be a success if you don’t have a lot of money”. Do you have some version of these conflicting ideas lodged in your subconscious mind? If you struggle with money, the chances are you do. Clear out that conflict, make peace with and embrace the energy of money.

Sometimes overlooked but playing a vital part in our mobility, Support Your Hips.


We often store fears of moving forward, of the direction our lives are taking and even fear for our very survival, in our hips. This in turn, causes us to hold on so tightly that we become immobilised. Let go of your fears, loosen up and move forward.

Our wonderful shock absorbers, Support Your Knees.


Our knees are our shock absorbers. They take the strain between the weight of the body above and the ups and downs of the terrain below both on a physical and emotional level. When we can’t bear the load any longer our knees may start to complain. Let go of the strain and support your knees.

These thin little parts of the body support our entire weight, Support Your Ankles.


Support is the key word here, our ankles reflect the support we depend on. Like the knees, we need them to be flexible and strong. Release your fears and replace them with empowering, peaceful and healing thoughts.

A unique and precious time in your life, Your Changing Pregnant Body.


Your body is amazing! Do you believe that? Or do you just see that you no longer fit into your clothes, “ugly” stretch marks or swollen ankles?

Research suggests that up to 80% of pregnant women report moderate to severe dissatisfaction with their bodies. What message is that sending to your body or your unborn child? How does it contribute to your happiness or well-being? Make peace with, accept and love your amazing pregnant body. Focus on the miracle of new life and enjoy this special time.

What Your Body & Your Baby Want To Hear: Support Your Pregnancy.


Pregnancy can be a pretty fraught experience these days. Conflicting advice from “experts” (let’s face it, when you are pregnant, everyone is an “expert”) can make your head spin! Let go of conflict, guilt, worry and anxiety. Enjoy this special and most intimate time in your lives as you relax together.




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