You Are The Bravest Of The Brave ~ The Magdaleine Group

You Are The Bravest Of The Brave~ The Magdaleine Group

llumination XXIII –
The Final Journey of the Physicality

You are the leading edge and those of you who are coming back to your core whilst being still in the physical bodies in this time of great change on planet are doing the most enormous, loving service for us all. You are expanding consciousness, you are bringing the core love from spirit into human society and you have chosen to be the bravest, strongest messengers that you have ever been!

You have all, the people that we are talking to now and the one we speak through, you have all been messengers. You have all been warriors, you have all been learned, you have all been wise ones, you have done it all. This time however, you are in for the long game and that can be draining. We know this, that can be draining, it can be exhausting, it can be heart breaking and it can feel soul destroying although of course no soul can be destroyed. But we understand the term and we understand the feeling.

Be proud, messengers, be proud. This time you are transcending, you are building a bridge, you are creating the bridge, you are maintaining the bridge. You are establishing the bridge and once established, bringing the love from spirit into your consciousness of who you truly are, becoming more heart centred, becoming more loving, becoming more compassionate and spreading that light around the planet. You are only to be admired and loved and this is why so many, so many channelled entities will say they would wash your feet!

You are the bravest of the brave, you are the messengers, you are the bridges. This is the time, be strong. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that you are admired and you are supported. You are the ones you have been waiting for and we are the ones who are right by your side and we have got your back.

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Reader’s Reviews

Five Stars! Beyond Beautiful “I was so grateful that I was guided to this book and to her affirmations, (actually the affirmations were found first). Thank you the Magdaleine Group and Barbara. It is a book to return to time and time again like visits home where you’re loved, nurtured, hugged and then, stronger, continue forward.” Kathryn McLeavy

Five Stars! “I liked the truth telling. I recommend everyone read this book. Easy and straight to the point. This book is right up there with Abraham, Seth, Conversations with God, but gives very simple tips on being aware.” Christine E Tabera

Five Stars! “I loved Barbara’s book. I read a lot of this kind of material and her spirit guides offer up lots of ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ that resonate with what others have written. It is written in a warm, loving, humourous style in the manner Barbara received the messages. This book is a definite must-read for anyone seeking spiritual nourishment for the soul. Recommended”.
Maria McMahon

Five Stars! Wonderful Chaneled Messages!I love the spiritual aspect of this book and the information on how to connect with loved ones or channel for yourself. As we move into 5D I feel more of us are being called to channel and share messages out into the world the way Barbara has done with this work. Anne M.. Wiesman

Five Stars! What a comfort to me at this point in my spiritual path. I will be reading this again. Thank you!!!! Diana J. Hartje

Five Stars! “I’ve been a friend of Barbara Clark for almost 10 years now and I am absolutely delighted to endorse this book. Barbara sent me the draft prior to publishing and it was like I had been waiting for what I would read therein. In fact, that information has taken root and continues to flower within me”. Grant Connolly, Creator of The Z Point Process

Five Stars! “Dear Barbara, I was sitting in the train station feeling very low and depressed when I found John Cali’s weekly newsletter with an excerpt of your most wonderful work with spirit. It is almost beyond words what happened to me when I was reading that chapter. It was so intense that I could sense your guides standing right beside me! I immediately felt so much raised. The book is so profoundly high vibrational! It strongly reminds me of the very famous spirit work of Maurice Barbanell with the most famous spirit guide, Silver Birch. He is so very famous here in Europe and especially within the British Spiritualist Community. I would love to be able read the book faster but can only read one chapter at a time because it is so high vibrational. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I am convinced that this book will become a very big success and I would be happy to translate it into German for you if you wish.” Lots of love, Linda

Five Stars! “Having read Seth, Abraham Hicks and other ‘channellers’, I love learning and the wisdom that comes from the other side. I read this book in one sitting and simply can’t wait for the next one. The style was so warm and comforting to read, and struck many chords of truth for me. Highly recommended if you are interested in spiritual wisdom.” Maria McMahon



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