Your Facebook Business Page Done!

Your Facebook Business Page Done!

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If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a charity organisation you probably know how important it is for your business or organisation to have a presence on Facebook. What you might not know, is how to go about creating one.

Perhaps you tried to create one but got entangled in constant Facebook changes or perhaps you just got fed up with the whole thing and gave up.

It’s all about images.

You may have seen the fabulous images the big pages use but have no idea where to find royalty free images and even if you could find them, you have no idea how to put your own words on them.

I can help!

I can provide you with a package where I will set up your page correctly.  I will add your images or find appropriate images for you. I will show you where to find free professional quality, royalty free images and show you a simple, free, image editing website.  I will also create your first five images for you. I will show you some of the ways the big pages grow, and it’s not by paying for FB ads!

I will teach you how to schedule your posts and shares. I will also teach you the most important metric you want to measure on your page. Some of the largest companies in the world don’t know this!

This package is not about growing your page, but setting it up correctly and  giving you the tools you need to take it from there.

I will however, share with you what I believe is the very best training programme on how to grow your page. After two years of consistent work and paying for Facebook ads, my Beyond Affirmations page was at 1,394 hard earned likes!  I signed up for Your Digital Formula training programme on the 10th of November 2015 and as of today, 22nd June 2016, my page has  almost 20,000 engaged and active likes.

Like me, you may have taken other FB trainings and got nowhere fast. If you want to grow your page the “right” way I highly, highly recommend taking Your Digital Formula training.  Forget everything you thought you knew about Facebook and growing your business online. Visit  Your Digital Formula Training and learn how you’ve been lied to for years.

To see the Facebook Business pages I have  already created click here

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