5 Powerful Messages Stiff or Painful Hands Have For You

Your Life Is In Your Hands – 5  Powerful Messages Stiff Or Painful Hands Have For You

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Our hands are the most outward expression of our hearts. They go into the world ahead of us, either with loving caresses or a clenched fist.  They are a huge part of communication and expression. It’s not surprising that so many terms include hands. We give handouts, we can handle ourselves, we go hand in hand, we are openhanded, we are handy, we have butterfingers. Hands clench, grasp, hold and we let things slip through our fingers.

We touch each other with our hands, we heal with our hands, we reassure with our hands or we can wring our hands in anguish or clench our fists in anger.


We can let something slip from our grasp or we can hold on too tightly.

With all this going on, it’s hardly surprising that we sometimes create painful hands.  So what is going on emotionally when we have painful hands?

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Stiff Hands

Stiff hands indicate a resistant, stiff attitude towards an activity in our life or towards expressing feelings.

Painful Hands

Painful hands imply that something we are doing or that is being done to us is causing emotional discomfort.

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Arthritic Pain

Arthritic pain in the hands suggests that we have an overly critical or angry attitude.

Excessively Sweaty Hands

Excessively sweaty hands indicate that we are anxious, nervous or scared about what we are doing or what is being done to us.

Cold Hands

Cold hands indicate that we have withdrawn our feelings. Perhaps withdrawn love or emotional involvement or attachment. Or we are frightened to participate.







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